News in Metauniverse
31.12.2022 in 12:00 (Moscow)

The establishment of a new country called Metauniverse.

On December 31, We announced the foundation of the country as a separate and independent federal state called Metauniverse.
31.12.2022 in 12:00 (Moscow)

New media platform DT TV began its work.

We laid the foundation for the most advanced TV channel in the world integrated into the metaverse and popular social networks. DT TV topics: investments, development, fashion, new technologies, meta, billionaires, charity auction. Along with the real TV hosts of the channel, virtual influences host programs and talk-shows, entertain the audience and communicate on the most interesting topics.
The population of the Metaverse: 1137
The audience of the media platform: 21лю+
"It is better to create the future rather than go with the flow. We are creating it today in Metauniverse. Thanks to the bright minds of today, we are creating a better world for humanity together. Metauniverse is open for business and ideas."
Dmitry Lyudov
Founder of Metauniverse